Art and Ceramics


At Hodson we use self-hardening clay also known as air-drying clay or non-firing clay. This is a perfect medium to use for anyone without a kiln.  The air-drying clay usuall hardens within several days and becomes a durable surface.  It is usually painted with acrylic paints or non-fired glaces.  The end result of what is made with the clay is purely for decorative purposes. Hodson seniors who participate in this class have shown their creativeness in many ways.

Art class

In art class students are taught sketching, drawing and painting as well as using different types of art techniques to accomplish their art work. They have experienced the use of different art pencils, brushes  and other non-conventional materials to get different effects. We have also shown them how to use acrylic paints, watercolors, oil based finger paints, crayons and mixing the different media to achieve the effect they wish on their masterpieces.

Leading both a ceramic and art class at Hodson has afforded the seniors an ideal way to develop friendships and remain active.  Seniors find opportunities to feel engaged, to socialize and to learn new things not only from their instructor but from their peers as well.